Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hair Raising!

by Diana Killian

I can’t seem to get my blogs done ahead of time, so I missed yesterday’s as I had…a hair appointment.

I know. Pretty lame.

Yes, oddly enough, the one thing I never seem to postpone — let alone cancel — is getting my hair done. It’s not like I love having my hair done, or that it is some sybaritic beauty indulgence. I go to the same place I’ve been going for…well, many a year now (let’s just say only my hairdresser knows for sure). It’s nice enough but it’s not sybaritic. Which is good because sybaritic is no longer in my budget.

Anyway, since I no longer even live in that community, it’s like a forty-five minute drive. And I make my appointment for 8:00 on the theory that I will be back to work by lunch. I am a creature of routine, no doubt about it.

But getting my hair done is sort of like making the bed. It’s not just a chore, it’s a ROUTINE.

In fact, it’s even sort of a philosophical statement.

Making the bed is the one chore I can’t ignore. I don’t care what else is going on. I mean, even when I’m sick, I get out of bed and remake it, and then climb back in. It’s all about law and order and truth and justice and making love out of nothing at all.

I can’t seem to get anything done til the bed is made.

And once that pile on my head begins to resemble bedding after a restless night, getting it sorted out begins to seem as urgent as any other deadline. I just can’t FOCUS with my hair looking like a mop after it’s been used for a couple of months.

So mission accomplished. My hair is once again the delicate shade God intended — and the cut is, so Mr. Thrilling informs me (like he didn’t say this the last three times I went to get chopped), “vaguely French.” Which, when it comes to haircuts, I believe is a compliment.

So what are the tasks you MUST accomplish before you can focus on the day ahead. I think we can all agree that tooth brushing figures high on the list. What else? What are the daily or monthly chores that make you feel like YOU?
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