Monday, October 27, 2008

Fast Fall

By Maggie

It's all the wooly caterpillar's fault. I heard over Labor Day weekend which I spent in the High Country that the wooly caterpillar watchers had observed that Old Wooly had a much longer and thicker coat than usual. According to them, that means we're in for a colder and longer winter than usual and one that starts earlier.

I have to admit---Fall seems to be moving faster than usual this year. I was back in the WashDC/NoVa area for the second week of October at a mystery convention and the leaves hadn't changed much there. And they hadn't changed in Fort Collins when I left October 8th, and they still hadn't changed a lot when I returned October 14th. Of course, up in the High Country it's another story. The Fall Foliage display starts earlier.

I always look forward to Fall. I love watching the trees change gradually over several days and weeks time. but this year it wasn't gradual. It seems on "fast forward." Last week, we began having nights below freezing and bam! Almost overnight, the leaves started changing color. It was hard to keep up with all the gorgeous colors appearing. No time for leisurely driving through neighborhoods admiring the foliage while doing errands. Not this year.

Add to that a couple of cold fronts that brought wind and now the leaves are falling. This morning I saw both my big maple trees gently dropping leave, even without the wind. I wanted to cry out, "Wait a minute! Hold on, not yet!" Too late. Down they shower. It's beautiful, actually. Now I have yards full of colorful leaves and lthe rest above my head waiting to cascade down these next couple of weeks.

I guess that means Winter is out there waiting. What about you? How is Fall showing up iin your part of the country----or world?
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