Monday, October 20, 2008

Back in the Bookstores

By Maggie

Well, I returned from the international mystery convention, Bouchercon, in Baltimore last Tuesday and got back to "work." My latest mystery, FLEECE NAVIDAD, was released October 7th (see for details) so I am back on the road with booksignings. As you can guess from the title, holiday merry-making does not take a backseat to murder. You folks know us. A body always has to hit the floor.

I spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday in Barnes & Nobles in Denver and Fort Collins. Signings are always enjoyable because I get to network with readers, especially when there's a booktalk scheduled in addition to the signing. People are always interested in this crazy business of ours, and I love to answer questions and help the ones who're working on a project connect with the groups that can help get them where they want to go. Plus, I'm not shy about answering questions.

Personally, I have yet to get back into my routine. I love travel, but it always plays havoc with my writing reoutine when I return. Anybody else have that problem? If it's not travel, what else gives you trouble?
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