Friday, September 26, 2008

Say It Ain’t So

By Heather

Last week during my son’s high school curriculum night, a sharp gasp could be heard coming from room 141, CP English 101.

The gasp came from me.

You see, my son’s very nice teacher had just oh-so-blithely explained that each student would be receiving their own copy of To Kill a Mockingbird in which…the students would be required to write in, underline, highlight, and scribble to their hearts’ content in the margins.


Say it ain’t so. Writing in a book? Okay, I can see this in a text book. But a fiction book? What ever happened to cue cards? Sticky notes? To me, defacing a book, even for educational purposes, just seems so wrong.

I mean, come on, back in the olden days (when I was in high school), I read TKAM, loved it, and didn’t so much as dog-ear the pages…Am I the only one this bothers?

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