Saturday, September 6, 2008

One Moment From Your Past

By Kate

A photo of my kids at an amusement park caught my attention the other day. A snapshot that captured the joy of twirling in a giant teacup, sun shining on their beaming little faces. Seeing it, I felt such a pang of longing, I wanted to go back to that moment and experience it all over again.

Sometimes I see moms with their little ones and remember the feel of a tiny hand in mine. It makes me wish I could jump back into just one day of my past. But then I can't decide which day I'd choose. A first birthday party, perhaps, where my mom and dad, both deceased now, were present? A trip to the zoo? A normal day getting ready for school – eating breakfasts, making beds, brushing teeth – days I took for granted then and now can barely remember?

When I was twelve, my mother and I watched the movie version of "Our Town," together. I sobbed for the entire last half hour, grieving even then for the day my mom would not be there. (Sometimes I think I'm too sensitive for my own good. )

What I'm trying to pass down to my kids now is to treasure each day. Enjoy those happy moments with loved ones because we can't go back to experience them again -- except in our memories. And above all, ask questions of your family -- what was it like when you were a kid? What was Grandma/Grandpa like as a young person? Where did she/he live? How was it different than now? Those are questions I wish I'd asked my parents.

Is there a special day you'd like to recapture? A special person you'd like to visit? Questions you wish you'd asked? Share with me.

Enjoy the week, every moment of it.
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