Friday, September 12, 2008

Moment’s Notice

By Heather

All these hurricanes lately have me thinking about weather-related evacuations. What would I grab if I had to suddenly leave most everything behind?

Well, the family and hamster are a no-brainer. But what else? What else in my life would I deem worthy enough to take with me at a moment’s notice?

The practical part of me would make sure I had things like bank documents, birth certificates, insurance papers, and things like that.

I’d also make sure to have my travel drive with my latest work in progress (if not the whole hard drive!). Next up would be pictures and baby books. Oh, some clothes and my purse. And cell phone. And cell charger.

How about you? What would you grab? And has anyone actually ever had to evacuate? Do these kinds of plans go out the window in an actual emergency?

I hope everyone in Ike’s path stays safe!

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