Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maggie's Most Excellent Adventure

By Maggie

Hey, everybody---planned to post a lot because I was leaving Mon 9/15 for
three week trip Europe. Visiting my daughter in Germany first, then
spending eight days soaking up art in Florence, Italy.

Well. I'm here and having wonderful time after slight delay in lraving.
Suitcase fell over rocks over curb on way to airport bus and I went
flying over it onto pavement. Broke right wrist. Xrays said surgery that
night so I could reschedule trip for Thursday, 9/18. All is well. I'm
here in Germany having a great time. Wounded wing slows you down but
can't stop you.

Hope to write more next week. Meanwhile, slow down like I should have, and
take care.

---maggie (e e cummings)
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