Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maggie's Most Excellent Adventure---Part 2

By Maggie

Hey, everyone. If you read last week's post, you know I arrived in
Germany last week w/wounded wing. Arrived Stuttgart early Friday 9/19
and daughter Maris picked me up then off we went as planned on long weekend
to Munich and Salzburg, Austria. It had been many years since I'd been to
Germany so this was fun.

Munich--pretty of course and fun, esp with the early arrival of Oktoberfest
that weekend. Visitors decked out in lederhosen and dirndl skirts. And
very happy. Ja, beer is gut! I can attest to that.

Sat morn we took train to Salzburg. I love Salzburg. So pretty. Even if
weather is chilly and grey. We got tix to a performance of Mozart's
Requiem in the Collegiate Church off one of the main squares. As a
lifetime choral singer, I've sung that magnificent work many times, but
it's always a joy to hear it. Gorgeous. Sunday afternoon back in Munich
for dinner then "rush hour" drive back to Stuttgart.

On Monday afternoon I took off alone for trip to Berlin Maria had booked
for me. Great time. My first time in Berlin. It's a beautiful city and
huge. You need a tour and I was glad I took one.

Wed by noon I was back in Stuttgart and took metro into city center and
did my own walking tour before Maria and friend met me that evening for

Tomorrow we're off for Garmich in Bavaria. Then return Sat morn for my
flight to Florence, where I plan to slow down. *g* Take care, everyone.
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