Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

By Kate

Over a year ago I wrote a blog about bad hair days, and many of you responded with some pretty "hair-raising" tales (insert guffaw here.) This time I'm taking a different angle. So how's your hair today? Behaving? In need of a cut? Gray showing? So awesome you wish you had someplace to go to show it off?

It's a safe bet that 99.9% of you are fully aware of the "State of Your Hair" at any given moment. It's also a safe bet that when you meet another woman, be she friend, acquaintance, or stranger in a store, you check out her hair immediately. And that your mood often has a direct correlation with how your hair turned out that day.

My friend Barb, the one with the cat named Tony, if you've followed previous posts, suffered bad haircuts for years because she felt it would be disloyal to her stylist to try someone new. Then her about-to-be-married daughter arranged for Barb to have her hair done by a Chicago stylist for the wedding. The results were amazing. She received compliments from everyone, including women she didn't know.

As a result, she left her former stylist and tried someone new in her hometown, asking only to have that exact cut copied. It worked once. After that, the cut got farther and farther away from the original sleek do, until she ended up practically in tears, with one side of her hair chopped into rough layers and the other not.

She bit the bullet and returned to the much costlier hair salon in Chicago. And although the price was twice as much, and the trip three times as far, she was so happy, she decided it was worth every penny.

Loyalty to a hair stylist – how common is that? I'm guessing the smaller the city or town, the harder it is to leave one hair salon and go to another. But what do you do if you're caught in a situation where you simply hate your hair and your stylist just can't seem to get it right?

What's the "State of Your Hair?" Have you ever left a hair salon and suffered the repercussions? Will you travel miles and pay big bucks for a good cut? Or are you one of those lucky souls who can cut your own hair? Have you ever wanted to choke someone for giving you a really bad do?

Inquiring mystery writer wants to know.

Have a great (and hopefully drier) week.

Kate, awash in storms
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