Monday, September 8, 2008

The Brain won't shut-up!

By Michele Scott

Don't you just hate it when you can't sleep? I'm one of those people who can fall asleep fairly easily. I read before bed and get nice and sleepy and then off I go. But something happens occasionally around one in the morning--eyes wide open and brain is in overdrive. My body is tired, but my brain won't shut the hell up. I don't have caffeine past ten in the morning. I don't eat sugar at night at all. I don't exercise after three. So, you got me. I figured that last night I would sleep really well because I worked my rear off around the house all day yesterday. I taught Sunday school and then busted out five loads of laundry (3 kids remember?), put a pork roast in the crock pot for carnitas, cleaned the house like a mad woman while listening to my favorite tunes on the Ipod, fed animals (twice), went to the grocery store, and picked one kid up from a buddy's. Tiring, right? I'm tired just writing it. No, I'm tired because at one o'clock my brain goes into freaking overdrive. It starts wandering from, "what day am I doing the book club?" "What time is back to school night?" "The dog really needs that cortisone shot." "I need to mail out books to winners from a contest I offered them in." Where can I get a gypsy costume for Kaitlin for Halloween?" "The cats are going to need more food." Did John pay the car registration?" and on and on this went. I kept telling the brain to please shut-up. It did not listen. I prayed to Jesus. Then I prayed to his mom for a long time. I like talking to her a lot. Then I had a conversation with my dear friend Hillarie who passed away a couple of years ago. That did seem to mellow the brain a bit. Whenever I talk with Hill, I put us in this restaurant above the Mediterranean where we are drinking Champagne and eating cheese, olives and fruit. It's fabulous! She always wanted to go there. I think it's Greece. I tell her what's going on here and ask her how Heaven is. She seems to be enjoying it. I know it may sound kooky, but this does help me go back to sleep, and it did. Until! My husband who is a die hard surfer gets up at 4:30! Yep--4:30. I am also a light sleeper. Needless to say, it's a sleepless in San Diego day, but strangely enough I am okay. My eyes are tired but the brain is firing. I keep trying meditation, but again, how do you quiet the mind? It wanders here and wanders there. I write all sorts of stories in my head and there's all this chatter. The yogis of the world amaze me because I cannot seem to even slightly master the idea of emptying my brain. I breathe, I do yoga, I ride horses, but empty the brain? How? How? How? I ask you? Anyone know? Does anyone here have this ability? If you do, you should bottle it up and make a fortune.

Okay, so I'm done griping about lack of sleep and an overworked brain. I will now use all of this adrenaline for the good (or bad) of pulp fiction and write for the next several hours.

Have a great week!

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