Friday, September 19, 2008

All Riled Up

By Heather

As a general policy here at the Cozy Chicks, we don’t talk politics. Why? Because politics is a topic sure to ignite heated debate, riling us into state that would probably be rather un-cozy.

Personally, I go to great lengths to avoid discussing politics. I try to turn a deaf ear to discussions of teen pregnancy, too. As a former teenage mother, this hits close to home, and I have big issues with people who make sweeping generalizations.

See? Riled up.

The act of people spitting also gets me agitated. There are very few instances where spitting is acceptable, in my opinion. Almost makes watching a baseball game unbearable sometimes.

Hurricane Katrina cleanup is another subject that I can get worked up about. Also national healthcare. Homework. Taking advantage of those in need. Bad drivers. Long on-hold times on the telephone. Clothes that pill after one washing.

Whew. Deep breath.

What gets you all riled up? (And if you say politics, please don’t get specific!)

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