Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sea Glass

by Karen Macinerney

Well, after a trip to California a few weeks ago, where I spent some time with Cozy Chicks Michele and Heather (I visited Michele in San Diego and shared a room with Heather at RWA in San Francisco), I spent a whole 36 hours in Texas before high-tailing it to cooler climes... Maine.

(I had a great time with Michele and Heather, by the way -- incredible writers and friends. And Heather introduced me to two more wonderful writers who helped me raise my romance hipness quotient. As in, I now know what an HEA is. But more on that later.)

For the last week, I've been wearing jackets and jeans (yay!) and walking up and down beaches for hours, staring down at the rocks, searching for treasure.

Sea glass, to be exact.

To me, there's nothing better than walking down a pebble beach on a cool Maine summer day, listening to the waves lick the shore, hearing the mournful call of the loon or the chug of a lobsterboat's engine -- and watching for a gleam among the dark rocks.

What will it be? The amber of an antique (or not-so-vintage) beer bottle? A seafoam-green shard of a Coke bottle? A rare fragment of garnet red -- or beautiful indigo blue? Abby found a fragment that may be the curled edge of a Depression-era bowl, with milky green glass fused with a band of clear amber (at home, we'll use a black light on it to tell). We now have about a cupful of gorgeous glass shards ranging from pale pink to deep green -- and learned today that with a touch of bleach, some of the murkier ones will shed their algae coat and reveal their true colors.

When I get home, I will add our newest finds to our existing collection -- the jar on the windowsill, which catches the afternoon sun and reminds me of summer days on the beach in Maine. If I were crafty, I might make jewelry. But I'm not, so I'll just enjoy it en masse. (Although I did buy a silver sea glass bracelet today, from a wonderful artisan named Ivey, who gifted my children with yellow and blue glass 'slugs' a friend found for her on a California beach.)

Wait a minute. Did I say there was nothing better than hunting for sea glass? Well, there might be...

Popovers at Jordan Pond House, with fresh butter and strawberry jam. (Hold the bees, please.)

But that's a post for another day...
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