Monday, August 25, 2008


By Michele

I'm back from MIA without a good excuse. All I can offer up is summer has been a bit crazy. Don't know if you read the post I wrote as we entered summer and how excited I was with thoughts of going to the beach. Yeah well, I made it to the beach two times. Both of those times were with out of town guests, which we seemed to have a handful of this summer. And, while on the beach with our guests I kept thinking, "Oh jeez, I have a lot to get done. I shouldn't be at the beach!"

On the positive side--this has been one of the better summers I have had in a long time. Granted I was in Mom Mode the entire time as summer camps are way too expensive, but I was okay with that because my little one and I had some great times together. My boys are too big and way too cool to hang out with mom any more, so they did their thing and Kaitlin and I did ours, which was all about the horses.

Yes--we spent all summer grooming, riding and smelling (like a horse). It all started two weeks into summer when my best friend of twenty-five years gave me a call to tell me about a mare who needed a home. This mare is twelve, well trained, good disposition and very pretty. I asked my friend (who happens to be named Nikki and is also a horse woman) what the deal was. She wasn't sure, so i took a drive to where the horse was located. She was everything I had been told that she was. Her name is Krissy. The deal with her was that her owner needed a tax write off and wanted her to go to a good home. She didn't want her to become a lesson horse and she didn't want to put Krissy through the protocol of being tried out by every rider looking for a good horse. I decided on the spot that she needed to be my horse, and for a meager donation to a horse rescue I became the proud owner of the mare.

Now, Krissy is a big girl (16.2 hands). She is a half Warmblood and half Thoroughbred and way too much for my little girl who was quite a bit envious of me owning Krissy. Well, about a month after Krissy came into our lives, Kaitlin stayed the night with my parents. The next morning they brought her down to the ranch where Krissy lives now, and The Pony Club happened to be going on. As luck would have it, one of the teachers of Pony Club came over to talk to us about a pony who had been brought down during the fires in Northen California. My parents were interested in taking a look at the pony (I almost choked when she told us the pony's price, which immediately put me out of the running to make the purchase, but Kaitlin happens to be Nanny's (grandma) girl and when Nanny wants something for her girl, not much gets in the way--including Papa). That was on Saturday, well by the following Friday Nanny had bought the pony and we had a pony living next door to Krissy. His name is Monty, but Kaitlin calls him Mister Monty. I might be a bit biased, but he is the cutest guy on four legs! He's only eight and very well trained. He is an eventing pony, which means he does all the olympic events--dressage, stadium jumping and cross country. He is really good to his kid and she adores him. It's a very special bond and relationship. In fact, Kaitlin just got home early from school and is in the back ground saying, "Can you please make me lunch so we can go see Monty!" This means I must hurry.

Monty is a Gypsy Vanner. Vanners are essentially small drafts that were bred by the Irish Gypsies. They needed a horse who was as strong as the large drafts but wouldn't eat as much. The horse also needed to be gentle because of all the children they have, so these little horses are considered the Golden retrievers of the horse breeds. They also had to be smart and willing. This is exactly what Mister Monty is. Look up Gypsy Vanners on the web if you get a chance. They're beautiful. I will post some pictures asap. I need to get them off of my husband's computer first.

So, if anyone was wondering or cared, I have not been writing but riding all summer and taking care of our new family members. But school did start today, which means that I can now accomplish the two things I love most in the world to do!

Thanks Gang! I missed you. Happy Trails.

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