Friday, August 8, 2008

Eye of the Beholder

By Heather

Did you ever see something so simplistically beautiful that you’re mesmerized?

On a recent flight to Santa Barbara, I found myself totally captivated by the clouds hovering outside the plane’s window.

They were a sharp, bright white, full and fluffy, with tall sloping curves, gently falling valleys. If an artist had painted them, the masterpiece would have been reviled as being too perfect. But that’s exactly what the clouds were. Perfectly perfect in every way.

I sat entranced, enthralled, and lost in awe at the simple beauty in the world if one just takes a second to look for it. I poked my good friend Shelley to have a peek (she didn’t seem as spellbound); I even took pictures and sent one to my son’s cell phone.

As the plane flew on, the clouds gradually dispersed into thin wisps, giving way into endless blue sky (also pretty). I tried to think of other things I find simplistically beautiful and came up with a bee, the petal of a flower, sand, and just about any gemstone out there.

I guess maybe I was just one in those moods. The kind where I’m thankful to be alive, grateful for all I have, and amazed at what nature has to offer. I suppose you could say I even had my head in the clouds…


PS: If you’re interested in a recap of my trip to California (with pictures!), click over to my personal blog.
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