Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dog Days of August---Here I Come!

By Maggie

Okay. . .I've got extra sunscreen and visor, new backpack, and will load up with packages of walnuts. Fresh fruit I can buy in the market across the street. Not the street where I live, mind you. I'm talking about the street in Washington, DC, where the Bed 'n Breakfast is located where I'll be spending about two weeks in Washington, DC.

Yes, you heard me right. Washington, DC, for two weeks in mid-August. Right in the midst of the Dog Days, where the heat is 95 degrees plus and the humidity is pushing 99 percent. This week in Colorado, our temps are dancing around the low nineties and the upper eighties. And each week in Colorado, that temperature will drop more, until by the end of the month---temps are down to the mid eighties. And they usually stay that way through September.

I must be crazy, you say? Well, that could be true. Most novelists are borderline certifiable, probably. We spend our days and evenings with imaginary people. In fact, the imaginary people dancing through my head right now are the reason why I'm going into that steam bath that is Washington in August. I'm going to immerse myself in Molly Malone's locations and write. Traipse around some of her favorite places in the morning (when it's bearable) then find an air conditioned cafe in the afternoon, pop open the laptop, and write while I have lunch---followed by lots of iced coffees.

In the evenings or early mornings, I should also be able to write outside in parks, outdoor cafes, brenches beside the Potomac or the C&O canal. Washington, DC, is a beautiful city and it doesn't lack for pretty places to get inspiration. But Molly Malone will be guiding my travels. These are her favorite running trails to explore and cafes as well. And I want to visit them all during the two weeks I'll be there.

So---think cool thoughts, would you, folks? I'd appreciate it. Meanwhile, enjoy the Olympics and keep track for me, would you? I'll miss the whole thing, I'm afraid. Meanwhile, I'll try to keep you updated each week.
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