Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back East, Back West

By Maggie

My apologies for not blogging for three weeks, but I've been on a working/writing trip to my old hometown of Washington, DC. to do some "on-site" writing of my Molly Malone mystery. And boy----did I get a lot accomplished. I was up and out of the B&B by 8:00am or so every morning, backpack w/laptop + gear on my back, and off I went. I took the metro and walked to different locations all around the DC area from Georgetown to Downtown to the Waterfront to Dupont Circle and all over the place.

Mornings were for walking and checking out locales for various scenes in the mystery. Then at lunch time, I would find a good place to sit, plug in my laptop (that's the tricky part), and start to write. I became a quick expert in scoping out cafes, libraries, coffeeshops, gourmet markets, you-name-it for electrical outlets. When I couldn't find one, then I simply stayed outside and wrote until my "low battery" message came on. Whatever worked.

I had a great time enjoying different cafes and restaurants at night. Some of my favorites were near or overlooking the water. Washington is a city that's almost surrounded by water---rivers, channels, canals. Water is everywhere and there are cafes located where you can sit, enjoy good food and wine/beer/drink of choice, and drink in the scenery and. . .relax.

After that, I'd actually find another cafe or sit outside with newly-charged battery and write until dusk settled and it was getting dark. And the bugs started to bite. That's when I knew it was time to head back to the B&B (usually around 10:00pm) and collapse and watch a recap of that day's Olympic activity.

Tiring? Well, only at night when I'd crash. The rest of the time I was positively energized, even traipsing around with my backpack, which felt kind of heavy at times. I had a BALL. Walking, working, enjoying that beautiful city which is such a part of me and my history. Our Nation's Capitol is a great place to visit. So, I encourage all of you to pay a visit if you haven't already.

And here was the surprise of the trip----the "Dog Days" were nowhere to be seen. Yep. After all those dire predictions I kept making about how I was leaving Colorado right when the July heat had left and the August temps would decline to lovely---AND---I was going back "home" to the Dog Days of 95+ temps and 99% humidity. Well, guess what? From the moment I landed at National airport August 8th to the day I fly out, Saturday, August 23rd, the weather was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Temps were in the 80's almost every day and the humidity was 30%. Unbelievable! That's what it is in Colorado!! The mornings were even cool! None of my friends or family or acquaintances in Washington area could ever remember an August like that. It was "fall" in August, the weather folks kept saying.

What a treat. Next week, I'll share some of the great little simple fun things to do in Washington while you're visiting. How many of you folks have visited our Nation's Capitol?
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