Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are You Watching the Olympics?

By Kate

Being fairly non-athletic -- for instance, I bowl right handed, bat left-handed, and play tennis with both hands (a case of mixed dominance -- which doesn't refer to any kinky sexual behaviors but sure does hinder my ability to play a good game) I 'm just not that into sports. I'll even confess to skipping 99.9% of sporting events shown on TV . . . well, unless the half-time show at the Super Bowl counts as a sporting event.

At any rate, except for the acrobatic competition, I'm usually not a fan of the Olympics, sorry to say. And I do apologize to all our wonderful olympiads, who are truly dedicated, awe-inspiring individuals. However, last night I was glued to the TV set for the opening ceremony in Beijing. The only word for it is amazing.

Can you imagine how long it took to design those special effects? To get all 15,000 participants rehearsed, dressed, and actually at the stadium on time?

One of my favorite parts was when the ocean was projected seamlessly onto the rim around the entire Birds' Nest stadium. How did they do that? Or the waterfall projection, which looked as though the water was falling into the stadium. How cool was that? And I can't begin to describe those drummers!

Now, oddly, I find myself looking forward to seeing the actual events. I feel like I'm watching something much bigger than just oympic games, although I'm at a loss to describe what that something might be.

How about you? Do you plan to watch? Did you see the opening ceremony? What was your favorite part?

Now I'm off to a booksigning. Wish me luck and a store full of fans.

Have a great week,

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