Friday, August 15, 2008

Angel (Cat) of Mercy – or Death?

By Kate

You've probably seen on TV or read in the newspaper about the nursing home cat who knew which patient was near death and would go lay with them until the passing. My friend, Barb, didn't think much about the story until recently. Then she underwent a procedure in the hospital that blasted a kidney stone into smithereens. When she came home feeling slightly ill from the anesthesia, she went straight to bed, whereupon her cat, Tony, jumped up off the sofa and ran to lay beside her.

Because this is not normal behavior for Tony, Barb's first thought was, "Oh, no! I'm going to die!" She tried to ban him from the bedroom, but he banged his head against the door until he was let back inside.

Tony continued to lay beside her all that day, until she started to feel better, then he suddenly left the room and resumed his position on the family room sofa. Needless to say, Barb was relieved.

Unexpectedly, the next day, a combination of antibiotics and Vicodin hit her hard and she got sick all over again. Voila. In came Tony to lay beside her. She finds it all very odd, considering he's a young, hyperactive male cat who showed no interest in keeping vigil before.

I've heard of dogs who can sniff out impending seizures and diabetic shock and even some that can detect cancer. I'm wondering if any of you have ever experienced anything like that with your pet.

And by the way, Barb is feeling better now, so she's decided Tony is not the Angel of Death after all. Lucky for all of us.

Have a great week,
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