Saturday, July 12, 2008

Staycation anyone?

By Kate

We've been hearing more and more about people taking vacations close to home this summer (Who thinks of those fusion words, anyway? I'm so impressed-- and jealous). Anyway, when my kids were little and we had no money to travel anywhere "big", like Disney World, we always did the so-called Staycations, traveling to fun spots a mere two hours from home. It was amazing how much we were able to do, and some of my kids' favorite memories are from those trips.

Wisconsin Dells was our all time favorite. We went back many times. Also, Starved Rock State Park in Illinois, Fort Wayne, Indiana (to see a real fort), Indianapolis, to the Children's Museum, Kings Island, in Ohio, and of course, Chicago, to the museums, waterfront, Sears Tower, etc. So much in just a short distance.

What are your plans this summer? Are you traveling far or, like so many, keeping the gas consumption down and sticking closer to home? Are you cutting down on driving, in general? My daughter now bikes to work, which I think is smart.

Any other ways you're cutting costs? Anyone doing more gardening? (especially with the tomato concerns).

Tell me how you're conserving this summer.

Have a great week.

Kate, always curious
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