Friday, July 18, 2008

Does He Text in His Sleep?

By Heather


I was looking through my oldest son’s phone bill and almost had myself a heart attack when I saw that number.

24,026. Text messages. In one month.

Unbelievable. My husband figured out the math (you knew it wouldn’t be me), and it roughly averages 800 messages sent and received a day. That’s a message every two minutes, 24/7.

The math is boggling if you factor in that he actually sleeps part of the day. And has a job (though I suspect that doesn’t stop him!).

Some experts say texting is good for kids. That it allows them to socialize and communicate more openly, freely. I suppose that’s true, since he’s now available 24/7 to all his friends and their every waking thought.

Personally, I miss the days when kids passed notes in class and actually called people on the home telephone to make plans.

I suppose that’s age talking. Or nostalgia.

Let me just say I’m really glad he has an unlimited texting plan. And that the phone company has stopped sending detailed printouts of usage. I thought it was bad when he had only 4,000 texts a month and the bill arrived in a box. Could you imaging the paper wasted on 24, 026?

My texting for the month, by the way? 117.

Mostly to my kids. All in the name of changing with the times, right?

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