Friday, July 25, 2008

Cozy Chicks’ Quickfire Q & A

Getting to know… Jessica Conant-Park

1) Computer or longhand?

Good God, longhand? Kudos to anyone who gets away with that. Absolutely a computer! Lots of notes and ideas scrawled on random scraps of paper, but definitely a computer.

2) Favorite season of the year?

Fall…love the crisp air and the changing leaves in New England.

3) Coffee or tea?

4) Favorite beauty product?

Jojoba oil. Add a bit to your conditioner and you’ll be amazed…

5) Day planner or palm pilot?

Um…Boynton calendar hanging in the kitchen!

6) Favorite bookmark?

Hank Phillippi Ryan’s. So cute!

7) Carnivore or vegetarian?

Carnivore. Gimme a rare steak and I’m all set.

8 ) Favorite guilty pleasure?

Junky TV shows. Rock of Love, The OC, AI…If it’s embarrassing to watch, I’m all over it.

9) Hardcover or paperback?

Hardcover, when I can afford it.

10) Favorite fictional character?

This is a hard one. Probably any of Elinor Lipman’s heroine’s.

11) Pencil or pen?

Pen. Pencils should be outlawed. They never erase without making a bigger mess, anyways.

12) Favorite cocktail?

Gin and tonic with extra limes.

13) Fireplace or bonfire?

Fireplace! Sigh…I wish I had one to curl up by during a snowstorm.

14) Favorite movie of all time?

Oh, the pressure…! One movie? Can’t do it. I will put the Bourne trilogy at the top of my list along with 50 First Dates.

15) Reality TV or PBS documentary?

I refuse to answer on the grounds I might embarrass myself. Oh, wait; I already did that in question 8. Okay, reality TV.

16) Bike ride or long walk?

Long walk, preferably on the rock shores of Maine.

17) Unusual quirk or trait?

Without fail, I spill chocolate ice cream down my shirt every time I eat it. Doesn’t seem to happen with other flavors, but chocolate basically flies out of the mug and lands on me. Oh, and I eat ice cream out of a mug. (Makes me think I’m having a smaller serving no matter how much I can pack into one mug.)

18) Favorite road trip food?

Anything in a wrap.

19) Cash, credit, debit, or check?

All three.

20) Writing from home or writing in a cozy café?

Home. I’d be too busy eavesdropping in a café to write anything. But, now that I’ve said that, maybe it would be a good way to create characters…

Thanks, Jessica!

Jessica Conant-Park is the daughter half of the mother-daughter writing duo penning the Gourmet Girl mysteries for Berkley. Set in Boston, the books are a culinary, chick-lit, mysterious delight. More about Jessica, her mom, and their books can be found on their website.
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