Friday, July 25, 2008

Bullet Points VI

By Heather

* Those Nintendo people are sadists, for sure. A few weeks back, I spent way too much time searching high and low for a Wii. Finally found one, thankfully, but had to pay an arm and leg for Mario Kart for Wii online. It’s wrong. Just wrong.

* I’m guest-blogging tomorrow over at the Lipstick Chronicles about my fascination with forensic science…in a roundabout kind of way. If you’re interested, pop on over.

* I’m leaving on a jet plane! I fly out Sunday morning, headed for sunny California. I’ll be gone a full week, and without internet to boot, so look for a Cozy Chick Quickfire from the very lovely and talented Jessica Conant-Park in this spot next week.

* I’ve made a list of things I have to remember to pack. And yes, I’m creeping into the age where I have to write stuff like that down. The list includes hand sanitizer, camera, batteries (because my camera is a battery hog), my cell phone charger (which hopefully I won’t leave in the hotel room at this conference), and the must-have laundry bag.

* Am taking my first trip on an Amtrak—from Santa Barbara to San Francisco. Anyone have any tips for train travel?

* Weeding out Trouble is due to be released next week. Hooray! Technically the release date is July 29th. It should be on book shelves everywhere the first week of August!

* Where do lost emails go? I’m just curious.

I’m also curious about everyone’s must-have items for packing. Am I the only one who likes to pack a laundry bag?

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