Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Around the Table

By Maggie

I'll be doing two booksignings at the end of this week, August 1st and 2nd. Both of them are in knitting shops. The first will be in a shop in Denver, A Knitted Peace, on Friday. And on Saturday, I'll be signing at Lambspun of Colorado here in Fort Collins. This is the shop I've used as a model for the Kelly Flynn mysteries. I haven't done any signings since I returned June 28th from the whirlwind two-week publisher book tour, followed by a little tour of my own to Kentucky and Chicago areas. And---I'm looking forward to them.

It's been a month since I got to sit and talk with readers and various folk. I really enjoy that. Knitting and yarn shop signings are definitely different from bookstore signings. Bookstore signings are usually quieter. Unless, of course, I've been asked to give a talk. In that case, I always try to make people laugh. So, it can get kind of noisy sometimes.

But in knitting, yarn, and/or fiber arts shops it can get positively rowdy. Maybe it's because everybody is relaxed. They've kicked back and are working on fibers in one form or another. That alone is relaxing. So, maybe they're just ready to have a good time. I have noticed that a lot of knitters have bawdy senses of humor.

Whatever the reason, there's usually always a very good crowd at knitting shop signings. And they love to talk about the books and the characters, which delights me no end. Listen, these characters are real to me, so I'm happy to find other people who think they're real. It makes me feel a little less crazy. :)

So----I'm looking forward to sitting down at a welcoming knitting table with a cup of coffee, grab a cookie or two. . .or three from the ever-present treats in the center, kick back and enjoy myself. And. . .I may even get some knitting done. If I'm not talking too much.
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