Saturday, June 28, 2008

To Mac or Not To Mac


Oh, my friends, it's that time. I need a new computer. Mine is four years old and has so many bugs that I'm tempted to call the Ortho man instead of the Geek Squad. I no longer have the use of spell check on emails (which is a HUGE drag even if it has improved my spelling). Whenever I open an Adobe document my computer freezes or totally crashes and I can't load any games onto it anymore (which is good for writing, bad for mental health). The memory space remaining is so small that it can hold a novella, but not a novel.

As we are getting a new roof in two weeks, I certainly hadn't bugeted for a new computer. In fact, we're having the roof in lieu of a vacation (can't afford both) so I'm already feeling a bit sour. Still, the idea of a shiny new iMac is very appealing, but I haven't owned an Apple since college and am a little nervous.

Sure, I love the commercials. I love the small size of the hard drive. I love the slick screen. But am I smart enough, hip enough, or able to deal with change in the manner that will be required for me to "defect" from the world of Microsoft to the land of juicy apples?

Please lend me your wisdom, oh venerable Mac users out there. I'm going this afternoon to one store or the other. Should I go to the Apple store? Should I? What do you love about your iMac, iPro, iWhatever! I value your comments!
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