Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer. Again.

by Karen MacInerney

Well, here we are, at the end of week one.

Monday morning at 9:33, on the first day of no school, my daughter uttered the words I'd been dreading for months: "I'm bored."

So I've been ferrying them around and plying them with sugar and swimming pools all week. Thank God I've got them in a bazillion camps the next few months, or I might be experimenting with a summer version of "Mommy's Little Helper". I'm thinking rum, a little pineapple juice... you get the picture.

Anyway, I finished Murder Most Maine right on target -- turned it in Monday, and I've never written so much in so little time as I have the last six months. Need to do revisions on the third werewolf book, and I'll be done... for about two weeks, anyway. (Actually, I lie. I'm already coming up with new material. Because I can't help myself.)

I hope your summers are going swimmingly (as you have probably surmised, mine certainly is -- and doughnutly, too). I'm off to bed now.

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