Friday, June 27, 2008

Personal Rewards

By Heather

As I look at that title, I’m reminded of the line in Aladdin spoken by the evil Jafar: I'm giving you your reward...your eternal reward (insert evil cackle)!

But no, this blog isn’t about eternal rewards, it’s about personal rewards. I blogged about this a little bit the other day on my other blog, but thought it had broader appeal over here (i.e., hardly anyone reads that blog, and I’m out of ideas for today).

I finished the rough draft for Kiss Me, Kill Me on Monday and my head is in that foggy place similar to tunnel vision as I do revisions to make the book, well, readable.

But I did manage to find time to buy myself a little reward for finishing the book. A book. The newest by Jane Porter, Mrs. Perfect. Which is…perfect for me as I’m loving women’s fiction right now and trying to find a home for my attempt at one.

And it got me thinking. About rewards. I know I’m not the only one who does this—rewards myself for the little things. My good friend Sharon Short rewards herself when the first body appears in her manuscript. She treats herself to sushi and a movie. I’ve adopted this policy, but get Chinese food instead as I’m not a sushi girl. (This was a great policy in Weeding out Trouble, when the body came at the end of the first chapter!)

How about all of you? Do you reward yourself for those little accomplishments in life? With what? Food, jewelry, books?


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