Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Missing in Action

By Maggie

Mea culpa, folks. I apologize for not posting since June 3rd. That was the first day of my publisher's tour, and it's been a non-stop whirlwind ever since. Whew! I'm used to busy travel schedules from the three years when I was going off on my own--freeloading on family and friends--signing at bookstores and knitting shops. But that was nothing like what happens when the publisher arranges it for you.

Every day is a new airport, a new city, and a new media escort waiting for you at baggage claim holding your book or a sign with your name on it. The first time I saw that, I thought. . .whoa. . .I could get used to this. :) But frankly, you have no time. Escort grabs your bag and you're off to the races. And I do mean reaces. Driving around each city, going to bookstores to sign stock, chat with booksellers, for however many "spare" hours you have until the last possible minute you can be dropped off at your hotel and instructed that they will return at exactly such-and-such time to take you to bookstore for signing. Usually that's an hour.

So---you hurry to your room, unpack, stare longingly at the comfy fluffy bed, change clothes, refresh and fix makeup (well, maybe you don't have to but I do), and rush downstairs to. . .the restaurant? Naw. Not enough time. Me, I rush to the bar, grab a table, and order a tasty protein appetizer like ahi tuna, some yummy soup of the day or salad, and a glass of some very nice white wine. :) Michele probably knows the lovely New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc I found. Niiiice.

Once I'd taken care of those essentials, I was ready to rock 'n roll. Meet the escort in lobby and off to the bookstores----with one important caveat. Unless we were going to the chains, we had to find a coffee shop first so I could "shoot up" with caffeine. Yes. . .like most of my heroines, I confess to a caffeine addiction. So, I take my coffee with me while I'm talking with readers and signing.

And that brings me to the most important thing that happened on the tour: meeting the readers and other book lovers. Ohhhhhhh, my. . .that was fun. What wonderful people and what wonderful times. Denver, Boulder, Omaha, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Wichita, Tulsa, Houston, Phoenix, and back to Denver. I'll tell you more next time.

Right now, I'm in a gorgeous suburban area west of Chicago visitng old friends and doing some talks to readers and writers groups and another signing in Chicago area Borders. Last Wed and Thurs I was in Kentucky horse country doing book talks and signing at a library. Wonderful people and a wonderful time.

But right now----I'm getting some badly-needed R&R. Relaxing in this gorgeous, peaceful setting in Barrington Lakes, and downshifting. At last. Ahhhhhhhh. Talk to you folks later. ---Maggie
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