Monday, June 9, 2008

The Master Cleanse, SATC, Horse Show, etc

By Michele Scott

Back to my bullet points.

1. I am grumpy today.I have made a commitment to do what is called the master cleanse. Anyone heard of this? It is what is says it is--The Master Cleanse. You drink this lemonade mixture with lemons, cayenne, and maple syrup for ten days. I am doing the modified cleanse and drinking the lemonade for hald that then doing juices for two days, then fruits and veggies. Why am I doing this,you ask? Because I like to punish myself. No. That's not it. I am doing it to apparently rid myself of all the horrible toxins inside my body (this coming from my personal trainer husband). For me though I like the added benefit of dumping a few pounds. My jeans these days are too tight. You know how when everytime you sit down you have to unbutton that top button on the jeans? I can feel some of you nodding. Yeah well, that's me. I don't have the extra cashola these days (don't think anyone does really) to go and buy new jeans. Thus, the master cleanse. Plus, we live in sunny San Diego where everyone goes to the beach and everyone is blonde, tall and thin. I am not of this ilk. I am short, a little rounder than I'd like to be these days and a brunette. Bikini season is upon us and over the last few years I have lost the urge to buy any new bathing suits, much less wear them. I now wear shorts and tank tops to the beach. Who knows maybe after this master cleanse I will once again feel like I could wear a bikini around Sunny San Diego Barbie.

2. Saw Sex and the City last night with a friend and loved it. My only complaint was they should have let the male characters play more of a role. But that would have been really hard to do. I think out of the storylines in the movie they could have two more full seasons. I laughed and yes I even cried. God knows I am emotional. I won't give away any info., but go see it if you watched this show over the years. Take your best pal and before hand go have a Cosmo.

3. Kaitlin (my daughter) has her first horse show this weekend and i am so excited and anxious. I used to show as a kid and the anticipation is almost like waiting for Christmas. you shine your tack, you groom your horse, you braid, you wash saddle pads (well, your mom does). It was sucha blast as a kid and now my kid gets to experience it. Yeah! I promise to take pictures! I know I sound like a proud mom--I am.

4. School is out on Friday. Yeah, yipee! no more digging through the laundry to find clean socks at 7:00 a.m., no more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and thank God--no more homework. You'd think I was the kid!

5. I'm out. No coffee on this master cleanse makes Michele a grump. I could live without the food, but coffee? Come on! Remind me why I'm doing this again? Oh yeah--jeans. That's why.

Have a great week. I'm sure my spirits will be better next week. And, hey don't forget I have a book out July 1. A Vintage Murder. And this month I am the spotlight author on the Cozyarmchair's site. Hey--I gotta get the plug in. LOL.

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