Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do You Read (or Watch) the Rag Mags?

By Kate

When it comes to celebrity gossip, I am SO out of the loop – I think. Being out of the loop, I don't actually know how far I'm out, so help me. I just finished a book on a grueling deadline and I'm brain dead.

Is TMZ as vicious as it seems? The slogan "You make them stars; we make them real," sounds fairly harmless, but the TV ads seem to show actors and actresses in the worst possible light. Is that what the people at TMZ do? Kind of a "We'll teach you not to idolize them, you idiots!" show? Is that what the supermarket tabloids do, too?

What is it about our natures that once we elevate a person to celebrity status, we have to bring them down hard and ugly? Any psychology majors want to explain that? Is it to make ourselves feel better? "See, there, Actress X isn't so great after all. She has pimples! Ha!"

Do we feel better knowing Actor Y has love handles under those fancy suits? That celebrity Z is about to lose his house? That sports hero Q is cheating on his wife?

Do you find that sad? What would you do if you suddenly became famous and the whole world wanted to know your dirty secrets? And a bunch of photographers hounded you 24/7, hoping to catch you at your worst? Would you think that you deserved it because you became famous?

What if you just loved performing, acting, singing, and didn't want the fame? How would you escape the TMZ's of the world?

I guess we'll never know, will we? Most of us, that is. If any of you have had an experience like that, please comment. If you read the rags, tell us why. I'm not judging, just curious.

Kate "inquiring mind wants to know" Collins
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