Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring has Sprung--at last!

By Maggie

Finally---our Rocky Mountain Spring chilly temps have thrown in the towel and allowed Spring's warm temperatures to stay. At last. Boy, was I ready. And to celebrate---I planted flowers this weekend for the very first time this year. Yea!!

Planting flowers means springtime to me. And it's not really spring until I can get my hands in the dirt and plant. Often, I can start planting on Mother's Day weekend, but not this year. Mom's Day (last week) was sunny but way too breezy and cool to spend much time outside planting. But, we plant shoppers were out in force, I slipped over to one of my fave plant buying locations so I could get a head start on buying my favorite annual six-packs. Of course, everyone else had the same idea that I had, so we all wandered about and around and in between those metal shelves placed outside garden centers, admiring the gorgeous colors and plant varieties.

I love to plan where I'll plant what, what color combinations, what kinds----sunny petunias, shady lobelia. Picking the plants is almost half the pleasure. Until I can get my hands into the dirt, that is. And I had to wait all last week until Saturday dawned warm and brilliantly sunny and no strong breeze. Perfect.

I was able to get all the plants done for my front yard---9in brick planter beds and in the garden around my mailbox and my shade garden and all the pots I have Purples, pinks, violets, lavenders, and sunny bright yellows. I makes me happy just to step outside and see those pretty little "flower faces" reaching up for the sun.

Now, I only have the flowers pots and planters in the back yard. Everything there has to be in planters or pots because of my dogs. Eight doggy feets plopping across little plant faces kind of slow down growth.

Have you started planting yet? What's your favorite---flowers, shrubs, trees, bushes?
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