Saturday, May 31, 2008

LOST until Fall!

By Kate

Did you see it? The LOST season finale? Was isn't it great? Can you believe that shocker of an ending? And oh, all the questions it raised! It's a mystery writer's dream to write such an intricate, compelling story line. Of course, when I write a mystery, it's just me, not a team of writers, so they do have an advantage, but still....

I am constantly impressed by everything about that show – the writing, the directing, the cinematography, the set design – and how I wish many movies were that well done.

And what about the acting? You can find no better actors anywhere, not even on the big screen. I thought Sun was excellent -- how she faced down her father. Go, Sun! And how she reacted when the helicopter lifted off. I really felt her pain. What a fine actress she is, as are all the women on that show, and the men, of course. And isn't Sayid sexy? So self-confident, yet so tender. And oh, that Sawyer. A bad boy with a heart and a grin that will knock your socks off.

So what do you think actually happened when Ben turned that gear? And why was that secret chamber covered in ice when they were on a tropical island?

Who's your favorite character? What do you think will happen with baby Ryan? So many wonderful possibilities for next year, but oh, so long to wait.

Kate, happily counting down the weeks
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