Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is it Spring Yet?

By Maggie

Wow. The entire country seems to be having a Rocky Mountain Spring. We're used to quick, capricious changes in temperatures, sunny days in the 70's swiftly dropping to the 40's in a couple of hours when the wind whips over the Rockies and chases the sun beneath the clouds.

We've had a really capricious Spring this year, and it's still with us. We'll have several days of 70's nearly 80, then the wind blows in the clouds with rain showers and drops the temps----as well as dropping several inches of snow in the High Country. My friends who live up there most of the year are actually getting tired of snow! I never have heard them say that before. One of them said he was "skiied out." Whoa.

Well, I might be too if I woke up every day in April and now May and found more snow. Well.......maybe not every day. Now, here in Fort Collins at 5000 ft altitude, we're not getting snow (at least since mid-April). We get rain showers. Then the next day the sun comes out and the cycle goes again. Our beautiful flowering trees have bloomed despite the ups and downs. And all in all---it's a gorgeous Spring. If a little chillier than usual.

However, we're used to this capricious weather here in the Rockies. But I've noticed that our Springtime weather is continuing throughout the rest of the US. Our winds blow over our mountains, then go on to howl across the country, spawning tornadoes from the Midwest through the Southeast. Terrible devastation. Tornadoes were even reported in suburban Maryland and Virginia.

Now, there's flooding in the East. The same light rains that we have, gather force after they leave us and become wicked storm fronts when they arrive Back East. This will be a Springtime to remember....or maybe to forget.

How about you? What kind of weather are you doing where you live?
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