Friday, May 16, 2008


By Heather

What’s with the language on TV these days? Has the English language gone so far down the tubes people can’t express themselves without a well-placed bleep?

One of my favorite shows to watch with my kids is Top Chef, a reality cooking show. But lately, I cringe whenever we watch because it seems like every other word is bleeped out. We’re hardly able to make out sentences sometimes, they’re so peppered with bleeps.

Oh, and forget watching anything with Gordon Ramsey. The man can’t open his mouth without a bleep coming out. Too bad, too, because I really like his kitchen nightmare show on BBC.

It’s not just cooking shows, although reality shows are the worst offenders. Bad language has slowly made its way into everyday TV viewing. Words that were once taboo are now widely accepted. What’s next? Dora teaching naughty words in Spanish?

This isn’t to say I don’t use choice words a time or two, in life and in fiction, but never, ever around my kids, and I certainly don’t want my kids to grow up listening to it on TV as if it were the norm. I’m not sure who’s to blame here. Producers of the shows? Or the people who can’t come up with better vernacular. All right, I suppose I should actually turn off the shows in protest, but I liiiike them. Except for the language.


Enough already.


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