Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The shame of it all...

I only eat multi-grain bread, buy organic fruits, veggies, chicken and beef. Heck, even my milk is organic and so are my freaking eggs and popcorn!

But the thing  is…every once in a while…I’m making rice crispy treats at two in the morning ‘casue I’m having a sugar melt-down.

Thank heavens for the 24-hr grocery five minutes away…actually four-minutes and thirty-three seconds and every second counts when a sugar craving hits.

I cannot keep cookies in the house or candy or Peeps…those sugary marshmallow things. I found one in the back of the closet last month, nearly fainted from the sheer joy of finding candy, bit into it and dislocated my jaw. The trials and tribulations of a junk food addict.

I know these are all sins and no way should I be running out at 2 AM in my jammies for cereal and marshmallows but it happens. Then it occurred to me that maybe not everything needs to be healthy. Maybe a little happy is good too. 

Oh I know that skinned chicken breast is so yummy and the apple is just lovely but in my world the hamburger wins out over the breast and the cookie takes the apple every time.

So what about this...I said to myself. One yummy meal a week
where sin can happen and guilt gets kicked to the curb. For me it’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes with real butter and gravy…lots and lots of gravy. And desert. Not some frozen yogurt stuff with more organic fruit but cake! Real live cake with icing. Chocolate cake and butter icing. My meal of sin and gluttony.

So what is your meal of sin and shame? If we have one totally yummy, guilt free meal a week maybe the apple and skinned chicken breast won’t be so bad. Right? Maybe?

Happy Eating. 
Hugs, Duffy 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Serena's Bridal Shower

by Maggie Sefton

I just returned home this evening from my daughter Serena's Bridal Shower weekend back in Northern Virginia.  Since it's late, I thought I would post photos for you folks to enjoy.  The shower was a great success, and everyone LOVED the special menu of appetizers and desserts.  I'll post the selections below.  Meanwhile-----some photos!   First, daughter Serena with a shower gift-----"50 Shades of Chicken"  cookbook.  

Appetizers served--------
Crispy Chips with 3 Dips Smoked Chicken Con Queso, Guacamole, Pico.
Shrimp & Crab Poppers with Corn Salsa & Roasted Pepper Sauce
BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (3) Pico, Avocado Relish, Citrus Cream
Smoked Salmon Quesadilla with Pico de Gallo, Crema, Avocado
Four Cheese Pesto - Goat Cheese, Gruyère, Mozzarella & Parmesan on FlatBread

Daughter Christine with 16 year old granddaughter Natale above.  Seven year old granddaughter AnaSofia to the right.  Daughter Melissa in the background---- 

Individual Noel’s Carrot Cake

Individual Chocolate Mousse

Vouvrary, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir

Mimosas, hot coffee, hot tea, iced tea

More gifts----

And flowers-----


By Kate Collins
Isn’t that the best statement ever? Well, besides, “Here’s a chocolate brownie smothered in thick dark chocolate sauce for you.”

Annnnywaaaay, when I come home from an evening out, I can’t wait to snuggle into a pair of comfortable PJs, especially on a cold winter evening.

Recently I noticed that my favorite winter pair was wearing thin, so I decided to treat myself to two nice new sets. And that began the “Great Pajama Hunt.” That lasted until I gave up trying to get to department stores in bad weather only to find  spring merchandise out -- and good luck seeing something on the clearance rack that looks pretty AND is the right size.

So I turned to the Internet. Lo and Behold I found all the winter pajamas a jammy-holic could ever want. Then it was time to get specific with my must haves:
A.     Something pretty that would also feel good on.

B.     Something cuddly soft and warm.

I started with the search words “soft flannel” and then added in “bamboo” because I love my bamboo cotton flannel sheets so much  that I use them year around.  I found a pretty pair of flannel pajamas that did not have bamboo in them but the reviews kept describing them as: soft and thick, best PJs ever, love them, will never buy any other kind, etc.  So I ordered them and you can see the photo here. They’re white with turquoise birds and they’re very pretty. Also very warm. Actually, a bit too warm under my big comforter. Have I mentioned that I love burying under a comforter at night? Also not as cuddle soft as I’d hoped. A tad stiff and somewhat boxy, in fact.

So I went back to the search engine and started with “bamboo cotton flannel” but it didn’t turn up anything I liked. The closest I could find, bamboo viscose, that also had great reviews weren’t in the normal PJ colors.  They were jewel-toned, which doesn’t make me think of sleep. Nevertheless, I ordered this pair in burgundy because I liked the style and it was the least objectionable color.

Between the pretty white with turquoise and the burgundy, I had a winner! The burgundy bamboo PJs are so comfy and so stylish, I want to wear them for lounging as well as sleeping. And they keep me warm but not too warm. Oddly, I feel happy in them. And don’t we all want to be happy?

Do you have favorite pajamas? Are you choosy about your PJs, too?

Sleep happy, friends.

P.S. My big COVER REVEAL is on my Facebook page today. I’m showing off my November mystery, FLORIST GRUMP. I LOVE it! Look what Abby's eating!